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The Naunes

The Naunes is the first ever Georgian upcycling platform that uses existing materials and turns them into unique fashion pieces. The Naunes has a commitment to mindful production. The brand’s mission is to discover, process and transform existing materials into sustainable limited-edition luxury designs.
“Due to the facts about the textile waste in the world and the abundance of available materials, we believe that is important to focus on the proper use of resources. And we want to make some contribution to creating a better world in the way we choose
What’s the way we choose?
It is fairly a responsible process that includes necessary functions - Finding, processing and transforming used materials into new, unique products with the highest quality.
Our essential condition is to minimize all resources that pose a danger or a problem to society and the world.
What does this feeling mean to us, which we call - thenaunes, as the nowness?
This is a window of opportunity to feel what you have never felt or seen or realized before.” – says the founder of the brand Nanuka Kakabadze.

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