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How Gen-z
of Tbilisi sees Georgian IERI

Along with the change of generations, also changes perceptions. People born in different decades perceive things differently, which always generates a subject for discussion. We would like to think of IERI Store as a space for those conversations, where diverse opinions are stated and heard. For that reason, going forward you will have an opportunity to encounter those ideas on our platform. First off, we have representatives of Tbilisi’s Gen-z speaking about Georgian IERI. We invited Irina Bagrationi, a 17-year-old girl from Tbilisi, who loves to take pictures, to make a special project for us. She visited our store and assembled a few looks, based on which chose several of her friends to model. Irina loves the diversity of nature and how multicolor it is, that is why the photoshoot took place at Tbilisi Botanical Garden. For her, photography is just a hobby that she wishes to turn into a full time profession. 

Tiki Baramidze — 18 years old

She is homeschooling at the moment. She loves to do a lot of things, but mostly dancing. Her favorite social media platform changes based on her mood, but uses Instagram daily. She wishes for the field of art to be more appreciated in our country.

Sandro Abashidze — 16 years old

He is taking private lessons. Does not love social media and wishes to get architectural education in Berlin. 

Tina Kifshidze — 16 years old

She is homeschooling, loves to paint and do yoga. Her favorite social media platform is Instagram and she wishes to be the best version of herself.

Luka Kalandadze — 17 years old

He does not study anywhere at the moment. He loves to do a lot of things and does not follow social media that much. He dreams of becoming a great actor. 

Sandro Chirgadze — 18 years old

Studies biology. He enjoys doing the music the most. Favorite social media platform is Youtube. He is dreaming about a lot of things.

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