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by Sofia Guguberidze

Sofia Guguberidze, an international expert in luxury business management, is a project director of IERI store. We asked her to define what is Georgian “IERI” for her, this is what she answered:

“Georgian IERI is the reflection of the internal world of a Georgian, that is filled with the upbringing, culture and the family values, passed on through generations. Ieri is expressed not only through your external features, such as the ability to present yourself admirably, but also through expressing kindness, wisdom and compassion in your deeds.”

She is passionate about Georgian Designers, so we asked her to reveal her favorite items and let’s take a look, what she has for us!

My taste in jewellery changes all the time, but for the last few months I am obsessed with big earrings! These ones are my favourite from LIYA collection. The green stone matches perfectly with my “ieri”. And the earrings themselves fit my daily looks like jeans and oversized sweater, or evening like silk shirt and pleated skirt. Love love love.

This Ingorokva jacket was love at first sight. Its soft light-blue colour just fascinates and the leather texture is so smooth, you just literally do not want to take it off. For me it’s a must have spring item this year and for many others to come.

Classy and fabulous, geometrical and sexy. That is how I would call this dress. Perfect for any occasion! With jeans jacket and white sneakers – for casual chic, with sparkly pumps and headband – for romantic night out. I cannot wait to wear this dress, once quarantine is over!

Once theatres are open, I already know what I will wear for the first social event of the season. High-waisted trousers have always been my passion, but these corset-high-waist are just out of mind! They fit fantastically, so will definitely impress everyone around encouraging to ask questions where you got these from. And finally gain, I will get to proudly say my favourite phrase “Ouu, this is a Georgian designer – Ingorokva! I just adore her! You have to check out the collection out on our website!:)”.

David Koma is a Master of cocktail and red-carpet dresses. When we were placing the Resort order, I could not stop my excitement with the collection. The cream fury jacket is simply one of a kind! You may call it – Statement piece! Wow-effect! Or have just a speechless reaction! Definitely my favourite!