by IERI team

Where are you? This page is an online-magazine. Yes, one more online-magazine in a world full of online-magazines — professional or DIY ones. People create, people share their thoughts, people share their vision. Why would our Earth, tortured and exhausted by the world of fashion, need one more magazine? Good question. And we have the answer. One year ago, in May, we opened our doors to the public. It was a huge event with Georgian dancers led by Tea Darchia, fantastic performance of Movement Theatre actors and a concert of a famous Georgian singer — Dato Evgenidze. 700 guests on a territory of the Wine Factory N1 in the heart of Tbilisi. And right away in the end of June were severely affected by the unstable political situation that was in Georgia, the ban of flights from Russia (Russian tourists used to be a driving force for Georgian economics and especially the fashion retails sector). We have then experienced a very unstable situation inside the country, with all the protests going on and the economical crisis. Than the Covid-19 and the lockdown of the country. We launched our online store in March 2020, which we planned long before, but things turned out the way they did.

We were searching for new language, new way
of communication, new creative forces and new survival kits.

The world has changed. And this is a fact. The fashion world with Gucci and other big names cancelling shows and cancelling actual collections (twice a year is more than enough), stores closing and brands terminating their long-term operation. Have you noticed how personal and frank pr-communication has become? We have taken off the masks of success, we are no longer afraid to ask for help (your help will be much appreciated), we want to meet and thank every client who chooses our brands (thank you for your support), we try to entertain clients and stay positive, no matter what (online game, puzzles, gif-animation, videos — whatever your client might find funny and interesting). Stay home, stay safe — that’s how we end every email now, and it’s so heart-breaking that people actually had to die, so that we wish each other something more than just an impersonal “best regards”.

This little deadly viral buster killed people

Doctors, soldiers, somebody’s grandparents, somebody’s mother, somebody’s husband or wife, somebody’s children. The best thing we, those who luckily survived, can do now — change the world. Literally make this world a better place — more sustainable, less polluted, more thoughtful and responsible. Be polite, be nice, be faithful, be grateful and enjoy life. If we do it, it means that those people actually died for a reason — for a better future we should build out of respect for the sacrifice humanity has made.

And here we are — trying to do something good by promoting the fashion industry of Georgia, telling people more about the country we live in and we love. We are now the only retailer in Georgia that promotes the culture itself. Georgian designers are a hard-to-sell product. You need to talk about the concept a lot, talk about the production process, people behind the brand, story behind. Georgian designers are well-known, but people should also know the story of Georgia to understand everything behind the designer’s idea. So this is what we want to do here — tell the story of our country, help people understand Georgian designers better and make you fall in love with our creativity.

Stay tuned.
Stay safe,
IERI team